We Are Here To Help You

Cloud Architecture design

We focus on architecting and deployment of HA applications based on AWS with autoscaling and autofailover. Your platform will be designed, planned and built by our AWS Certified Solutions Architects who are industry-leading engineers. We can also take care of your existing services, modernize them that give you ability to innovate rapidly.[/vc_column_text]


DevOps is process which breaks down the barriers between development, operations, deployment and other parts of application lifecycle.
We will help you make delivery pipelines and integrate DevOps practises to boost developer productivity, speed and stability.


We help companies to accelerate entire process of moving to cloud using automation and using infrastructure-as-a-code to deliver security, cost optimization and stability. Our team develop engineering solutions to ease the migration process to the cloud and execute steps based on best practises in line with your needs and circumstances.[/vc_column_text]

Management of AWS accounts/services

As your partner we can manage your running services, do optimization(cost, security, performance), plan Disaster Recovery process and we will do our best to provide the highest quality. We will work closely with your application development team to maintain your application running in the cloud.

Linux system administration

We take care about servers either bare metal or virtual servers. If you need help with installation, maintenance, optimization, monitoring or support you are on the right place.[/vc_column_text]

Python development

We use python on our daily bases when we need to automate DevOps/SysOps tasks or implement python API wrappers and so on. We also support open-source projects which are located on our github.


As your consulting partner we can provide high quality solutions focused on your needs, simple advices or whole solutions also with professional realization. This will help you keep the step with leaders in the IT industry.[/vc_column_text]